Episode 55 – In Which Wolverine and Nightcrawler Are Even Gayer Than Usual on Panel

Time for a giant-sized X-Men episode! We’re discussing HOXPOX, aka House of X and Powers of X. These series relaunched the X-Men line back in 2019 and, frankly, gave us the best X-Men content in at least fifteen years. Mutantkind has now found refuge on their own sentient nation state of Krakoa, and their relationship to humankind and the implications of the mutant metaphor have been turned on their heads. We dive into our histories of both love and frustration with the X-Men franchise thus far, what makes HOXPOX work, and our hopes (and anxieties) for the X-books going forward.

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Content warning: We’re a fairly NSFW podcast that makes frequent use of reclaimed homophobic slurs. This episode features major spoilers for House of X/Powers of X. Content-wise we discuss death, genocide, and bigotry at large.

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