Episode 46 – Anti-Capitalist Sentiment, Now on Sale at Barnes & Noble

This week we’re fulfilling a Patreon request for an episode all about everyone’s favorite Sanrio-brand oppressed office worker: Aggretsuko! In this super long episode we share our queerpinions on Sanrio in general, layers and layers of capitalism, Aggretsuko’s various characters and their emotional arcs, and where the series succeeds and where it flops. We also cite the following articles:

How Sanrio Makes Anti-Capitalism Adorable, and Profitable by Amanda Hess in The New York Times
“Afraid to Grow Up”: Gendered rage in Aggretsuko by Megan Navarro Conley on Anime Feminist
Striking that work-life-death metal balance in Aggretsuko by Alexis Harper on Anime Feminist
In Defense of Resasuke: Autism-coding and ableism in Aggretsuko by Marina Garrow on Anime Feminist

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Content warning: We’re a fairly NSFW podcast that includes use of reclaimed homophobic slurs. Our discussion this episode is full of spoilers for all three seasons of Aggretsuko as well as the holiday special. Content-wise we touch on sexism, abuse and harassment in the workplace, general evils of capitalism, physical assault, and psychological trauma.

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