Episode 8 – Our Lady of Giant Slugs

Are you ready for another heaping helping of Naruto discussion? We sure hope so since that’s what we’ve got for you this week! Operation Destroy Konoha is over, and the time has come for the Village Hidden in the Leaves to select its Fifth Hokage. We share our queerpinions on:

  • Kisame Hoshigaki
  • Tsunade and the complicated nature of her agency
  • Sasuke, Itachi, and general Uchiha drama
  • Kishimoto’s stylized renderings of Genjutsu
  • Naruto’s relationships with Tsuande and Jiraiya
  • The Tsunade/Orochimaru/Jiraiya/daikaiju smackdown

You can find the downloadable version of this episode here!

Spoiler and content warning: We’re a fairly NSFW podcast that includes use of reclaimed homophobic slurs. This week, our spoiler-heavy discussion goes up through the conclusion of the Search for Tsunade arc.

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