Episode 3 – Go For It, Syundei! …Sometimes.



It’s our first boys’ love episode! Specifically, we’re discussing two works by the mangaka Syundei. This week we share our queerpinions on:

  • Valid and invalid criticisms of yaoi as a genre
  • Go For It, Nakamura!
  • Sea creatures as metaphors for the queer experience
  • Gay love stories with and sans trauma
  • Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart
  • Exploitative handling of serious subject matter

You can find the downloadable version of this episode here!

Content warning: We’re a fairly NSFW podcast and this episode includes use of reclaimed homophobic slurs. This episode in particular includes discussion of a manga which contains sexual abuse, particularly that of a child by an adult. It is impossible to discuss this manga without discussing the abuse used in the story and while we do not graphically describe any scenes in particular, those wanting to avoid discussion of this kind of topic should stop listening around 32:19. We very clearly note when we are transitioning from discussing one manga to the one in question and say when to head out, but we wanted to post a timestamp here as well. As usual, we also spoil the hell out of both books discussed.

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